Merimba Resources is an exploration company with a clear geographic focus on the emerging opportunities available in East Africa. 

Merimba Resources is focused on the development of Oil & Gas assets through the creation of joint ventures with state owned Oil & Gas companies in Africa.

Our objectives are aligned to the requirements of these companies and we are uniquely placed to meet their needs in a way that major Oil & Gas operators are unable to.

The Company is managed by senior oil industry executives with a wide experience of international oil and gas activities and a collective track record of success and achievement.

Our team have significant experience operating within Africa, having played key roles in some of the most high profile E&P projects in Africa in the last decade.

We understand the challenges that African governments face in obtaining maximum value from the development of their own natural resources. Merimba Resources was founded on a vision that puts the needs of these governments and its people at the core of our business.

What we do

Technical knowledge

Strategic expertise

Commercial acumen

Human capital change management